Pregnant ?

Chosen Parents Adoptions respects your autonomy and acknowledges that the decision regarding adoption is deeply personal and should be entirely your own. We are here to listen to you and provide unwavering support without imposing our opinions. Your baby, your choice. We believe that this choice should be yours, possibly made in consultation with the baby’s father, your parents, close friends, or a trusted religious advisor.

We understand that most women contemplate adoption because they want what’s best for their child. They may feel unprepared to provide emotional, physical, or financial support and, therefore, choose to give their child a family that can. This decision is momentous and can affect various people – you, your family, the child’s father and his family, the adopting parents and their family, and, of course, the child. It’s vital to recognize that adoption is a permanent decision; once made, it cannot be reversed. Therefore, careful consideration is essential.

While you may have initially visited our website seeking information that may sway your decision toward adoption, we acknowledge that there is a wealth of diverse thoughts, opinions, and resources available to pregnant women regarding the pros and cons of adoption. You’ll discover numerous videos, books, blogs, and informative websites that can assist you in making an informed choice. We encourage you to educate yourself thoroughly.

Contacting Chosen Parents Adoptions is not a commitment to choose adoption; rather, it offers us an opportunity to get to know you and help you explore the option that aligns best with your circumstances. We assure you that we are a private service, ensuring that all your information and our conversations remain entirely confidential.