About Us

A private open adoption provides you with the opportunity to personally select and meet the family who will adopt your child. In many cases, depending on the laws in your jurisdiction, you may have access to housing and living expenses during your pregnancy. Your rights will be explained to you by the licensed agency or attorney you choose to work with.

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be a bewildering and intimidating experience. You are faced with a multitude of options, and Chosen Parents Adoptions is here to provide the professionalism, compassion, and expertise that every participant in the adoption process deserves. We exclusively refer you to licensed professionals.

Chosen Parents Adoptions is a distinctive service utilized by licensed adoption agencies and attorneys across the United States. If you are currently navigating an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating adoption, we can elucidate the advantages of various services, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs. Finding the right service to meet your requirements can be overwhelming, and we are here to assist you. Please be aware that we are not legal professionals or a legal center, and as such, we cannot provide legal advice. It’s important to note that Chosen Parents Adoptions is not a licensed child placement agency and, therefore, cannot arrange or locate children for adoption purposes. We function as an attorney and agency referral service.

With the benefit of personal experiences and years of aiding individuals like yourself through the adoption process, our referral team, consisting of licensed attorneys and agencies, is highly knowledgeable in offering sound advice and guidance throughout this journey. They are available around the clock to provide dependable information on adoption for birth parents. In most cases, the professional you are referred to can provide guidance on various matters, including housing, living expenses, counseling costs, and medical expenses. We exclusively refer birth parents to licensed adoption services.

Chosen Parents Adoptions is not licensed as an adoption agency or an attorney, and we do not provide legal advice or engage in child placement. We understand the challenges you’re facing, and we are committed to supporting you on your path. The dedicated team of adoption professionals we refer you to will walk you through each step of the adoption process, creating a customized adoption plan that suits your needs and expertly managing every aspect of that plan.