How to Give a Baby up for Adoption

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Chosen Parents Adoptions™ is a unique service utilized by licensed adoption agencies and attorneys nationwide. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating adoption, we can explain the advantages of various services to help you make an informed decision that suits your needs. It’s crucial not to settle for a service that can’t meet your requirements.

Our staff members have personal experience with the adoption process, having either adopted children into their own families or facilitated child placements. They offer expert advice and guidance based on their personal experiences and years of assisting individuals like you through the adoption process. We provide reliable 24/7 information for birth parents, including immediate responses from our compassionate and professional team. In most cases, we can provide advice on matters such as housing, living expenses, counseling costs, and medical expenses. Please note that we exclusively refer birth parents to accredited, state-licensed adoption services.

Step 1 – Making the Decision

At Chosen Parents Adoptions™, we will never try to persuade you that adoption is the right choice for you. The decision to adopt is entirely yours, and we are here to support you without advising you on whether it’s the correct decision. The choice to adopt is a personal one and should be made by you, possibly with input from the baby’s father, your parents, close friends, or a religious advisor.

We understand that you may have visited our site hoping to find information that convinces you to choose adoption, but we know there’s a plethora of information, opinions, and resources available to pregnant women outlining the pros and cons of adoption. You can find numerous videos, books, blogs, and informational sites that may be helpful. We recommend educating yourself to make an informed choice.

Contacting Chosen Parents Adoptions™ does not obligate you to choose adoption; it simply allows us to get to know you so we can assist you in the most suitable way. Our service is private, and all your information and phone calls are kept completely confidential.

We believe that most women consider adoption because they want what’s best for their child. They may feel ill-equipped to provide emotional, physical, and financial support, and, therefore, choose to place their child with a family that can. This is a significant decision that affects many people, including you, your family, the child’s father and his family, the adopting parents and their family, and, of course, the child. Adoption is permanent, and it’s essential to give it careful consideration.

Things to Consider:

  1. Cost: The adoption process should not cost you anything. The adopting parents will cover all legal expenses, including attorney costs, court filing fees, and required social workers. They may also be able to provide financial support during your pregnancy, a topic we’ll discuss in detail once you’ve made your decision.
  2. Confidentiality: If your family is unaware of your pregnancy, we can discuss housing options, including relocating to maintain your privacy. Relocation is possible, and we can recommend maternity homes or assist you in securing your own efficient housing.
  3. The Father: Each state has different laws regarding the termination of a father’s rights. Remember that the father cannot compel you to raise a child if you feel you are unable to meet the child’s needs. We can arrange a free consultation with an attorney who can advise you on his rights.
  4. Contact with the Child: Open adoption allows you to have ongoing future contact with the family that adopts your child. You can meet them and get to know them during the pregnancy. Many families commit to annual or bi-annual visits, but the choice is yours.

Once you’ve made your decision, we’re ready to assist you in creating an adoption plan.

Step 2 – Making an Adoption Plan

Chosen Parents Adoptions™ is dedicated to creating an adoption plan tailored to your preferences. Today, women have more control over their adoption plans, allowing them to choose various aspects of the adoption. Open adoption, which involves birth parents and adoptive parents meeting, sharing identifying information, and having direct ongoing contact, offers many benefits. The birth parents find peace in knowing they played a role in the adoption, while adoptive parents feel chosen and entitled to parent their child. The child benefits the most by knowing their origins and cultural and medical history.

The amount of contact can vary, with some families opting for annual pictures and letters, while others choose regular “visits” with the birth parents and their extended families, which can be arranged annually or more frequently. The critical factor is that the adoption plan suits you and your child, as the expectant mother, this is your baby and your choice. Once you’ve decided to move forward with adoption, it’s time to consider how you envision the pregnancy, the involvement of the adopting parents in medical appointments and during the birth, and your desired relationship with the child and the adopting parents, including ongoing contact and visits.

Step 3 – Choosing the Right Family

While it may provide peace of mind to consider having a family member or friend adopt your baby, such arrangements often do not work as intended. Families interested in adoption need to undergo an emotional process before they are truly ready to embrace a child into their family unit. It’s crucial to understand that adoption is a significant decision and should not be taken lightly.

The adoption process might initially sound appealing to individuals who have considered adoption in the past but never took the necessary steps. However, those who cannot have biological children must go through a grieving process to let go of the dream of giving birth before they can fully commit to adoption.

Although most people adore babies, volunteering to adopt a friend or family member’s child can lead to complications. The friend or family member may realize that they need to pay for an attorney to legalize the adoption and undergo the intrusive process of a home study. Additionally, the birth mother might feel uncomfortable requesting the financial assistance she is entitled to, leading her to forgo the help she could have received. It’s not uncommon for the chosen adoptive family to get cold feet as the birth date approaches, leaving the birth mother in a difficult situation.

Finding Adoptive Parents Online

Chosen Parents Adoptions™ advises against trying to locate an adoptive family online. Many websites feature profiles of families seeking to adopt, which typically include photos and self-written introductions. However, these families may not be qualified to adopt legally, as they lack a current and approved home study, which involves a thorough background check. By contacting a state-licensed adoption agency or a qualified adoption attorney, you can ensure that the chosen family is qualified to adopt your child.

While the internet has made information more accessible, it has also led to the emergence of unregulated services promoting parent profiles, making it possible for potential birth mothers to search for a family without professional support. These “marketing” services are not legally obligated to verify the authenticity of the families posted on their sites. It can be uncomfortable to contact these families directly without adoption professionals to support you. Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution when dealing with such sites. If you wouldn’t search for an adoptive family on Craigslist or a similar site, it’s advisable to avoid these parent profile sites.

Legitimate sites owned and operated by state-licensed agencies and attorneys may feature parent profiles of families that have undergone professional assessments before their profiles are posted. However, wading through these profiles in search of the perfect family is still problematic, as the chosen family may not be the right “match” for you. They may lack the finances to meet your requirements, or their preferences may differ from yours. For this reason, Chosen Parents Adoptions™ does not post parent profiles on our site. We aim to ensure that the families presented to you are home study-approved and genuinely committed to adoption.

When working with Chosen Parents Adoptions™, you can rest assured that you will collaborate with a licensed professional, and the families presented to you will be qualified and suitable for your needs.

What to Look for in an Adoptive Family

Selecting the right family to adopt your baby is crucial. It’s important to choose a family that seeks the same level of openness and post-adoption contact for your child as you envision. You may have preferences related to location, culture, finances, reasons for adopting, and the level of openness. Here are a few considerations:

  • Location: Consider whether the family lives in close proximity if agreed-upon visits with you and your child are part of your adoption plan. If they plan to relocate, it’s essential to know how this might affect your arrangement.
  • Culture: Think about whether the family will introduce your child to their cultural background and if they live in a culturally diverse neighborhood.
  • Finances: Ensure the family can provide your child with the support you believe you cannot offer. Most women who consider adoption for their child do so partly for economic reasons, and there may be additional expenses due to the pregnancy.
  • Reasons for Adopting: Some families are unable to have biological children and can only expand their family through adoption. Others have biological children but want a larger family. It’s essential to ask the family about their motivations for adopting.
  • Open or Closed Adoption: Select a family that envisions the same type of ongoing relationship that you desire. If you want annual visits, it’s crucial to choose a family seeking the same level of contact.

Step 4 – Developing a Relationship with the Adoptive Family

At Chosen Parents Adoptions™, we offer a different approach to open adoption. Unlike some other services, we provide a higher degree of openness. You will have access to the adopting parents’ full names, phone numbers, and locations. You can meet them one-on-one, without third-party interference. We hope you can get to know them well enough to consider them friends and even family. You have every right to know who they are, as you are entrusting your child to them.

Step 5 – The Birth of Your Child

By this time, you should have thought about how you want the birth of your child to proceed. Perhaps you initially planned to spend time with your child in the hospital but have now decided that the baby should room in with the adopting parents. Your wishes should guide these decisions. Even if you change your mind, including deciding to keep your child, you have the right to make these choices. Your maternal instincts are powerful, and you should understand that this is your child, and your rights should be respected.

Step 6 – Afterwards

Different states have varying laws regarding the termination of parental rights. We will have discussed these steps with you, so you are aware of what to expect next. Once your child is born, consents and relinquishments are signed, and your child is in the care of the adopting parents, we hope that we have made this journey as positive as possible for you. Assisting you in this significant life event is an honor, and we wish you the best. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions, and we will do our best to assist you.

What Should I look for in an Adoptive Family ?

Step 4 – Developing a Relationship with the Family that Adopts your Baby.

Step 5 – The Birth of your Child.

Step 6 – Afterwards.