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Posting Parent Profile on site

How to have your profile posted on the Chosen Parents Adoptions site

Firstly , we want to thank you for your interest in Chosen Parents Adoptions. If you were referred to us by an adoption professional , then you may already be aware that we are an innovative and creative marketing and advertising company that offers to post family profiles on our site with absolutely no up front fees. If you have just happened to stumble across our website while doing a search for “I want to adopt” or “best adoption services ” , then it might be beneficial for you to look up our sister website chosenparents.com which is geared towards adopting parents . There is even a form there on the front page so that you can be notified of certain available adoption cases. Please note that we will now post families on our site that are gender specific. We will not post families on our site that have a child that is under the age of two years old . We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason and at any time. We do limit the number of profiles that we post , and at times we will take only profiles that fit certain criteria . Our goal is to have a diverse group of adopting families so that mothers are able to locate adopting parent(s) for her child that fit her criteria.

1. Copy of active home study , or a letter from your adoption professional stating that you have an approved home study . Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

2.  A pdf. copy of your profile without ANY contact information . This means no phone numbers , last names or name of attorney or adoption professional . If it within your budget , do a Google search for adoption profiles and hire a professional to make your profile . Don’t hire one of the big ones that outsource , hire a smaller one or two person shop that creates a custom profile that shows your personality . When we post an amazing professional profile on our site along with a cover photo that “pops”, we know immediately that family is going to be chosen quickly-and they inevitably are . We will only post the profile that is initially sent to us , we will not make changes or swap out for a new one at a later date , so send us your best . Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

3. A separate photo to be attached to your profile. ( Best to send a few as we know what will look best once posted . Send the BEST photo you have , this is your key marketing tool ). We recommend that you have professional photos done , do NOT send a selfie. No matter how amazing you think you look in it , it is a selfie and expectant mothers know who has put effort into their adoption journey , and those stand out . If you don’t want to spend a lot of money , we get it , adoption is an expensive endeavor , consider looking on Groupon . Professional photographers will usually offer huge discounts and we have seen amazing photos for under $100, a very worthwhile investment . We only post once , so you will not be able to change your photos or profile down the road and swap it out for a “better’ photo , so make sure it’s a good one .Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

4.  The name and contact information for your adoption consultant or professional . We only work with families that have an attorney , agency or consultant on board . As an advertising company , we are unable to educate families on the adoption process. You need someone in your corner to guide you . Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

5. YOUR contact information . Make sure that you include all phone numbers and email addresses . Email to Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

6. A list of the criteria that you are seeking . Note that we will not post families that have a gender preference ( child’s age range , ethnicity , twins , etc . ) substance abuse , etc. Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

7. This agreement signed https://chosenparents.com/advertising-agreement/   which allows us to post your profile

8.  Proof of funds . This can be a bank statement or other evidence that if you are chosen by an expecting mother that you will have the funds to move forward with an adoption . Minimum of $42,000 required , which is the cost of an average adoption through our services. In addition, a letter stating that you are approved for a loan or a grant Email to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com

9.  Sign up on chosenparents.com for outreach opportunities.

Chosen Parents Adoptions is an attorney and agency referral service . Please understand that by posting your profile on our site , we are under no contractual obligation to you. We will commit to treat all parties ethically and respectfully . We are an advertising service for attorneys and licensed agencies , and we do not contract with adopting parents. If an expectant mother finds you on our site , she will be referred to a licensed attorney or agency , and if you choose to move forward with the case , you will contract with the adoption professional that is handling the case , not Chosen Parents Adoptions. The adoption professional is obligated to pay Chosen Parents Adoptions an advertising fee if one of their clients moves forward . They are in essence , “purchasing ” that block of advertising that we had prepaid . We offer to post families on our site as a courtesy . You are under no obligation to move forward with any prospective adoption case . We are not attorneys or a legal center and can not give legal advice . We are not a licensed child placement agency and therefore we are unable to place or locate children for the purpose of adoption. We are here as another marketing tool to assist you in your adoption journey , and we wish you great success .